Being determined comes naturally to me. I like the steep hill, the far target. Challenge brings me forward.

Small wonder I’m a designer. It’s weird work. Everybody’s perspective, after all, is particular. We can hope to share it, try to describe it, but when we’re ready to be real: what’s that look like? How do we show it?

Being visual is powerful. It means I can see you and help you be recognized. Design, really, is beauty that makes sense and makes relationships. Whatever the medium, whatever the trend, truth is truth. If we look closely, we can make it plain.

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If you know your story, I know how to tell it at a glance. That means crafting a graphic approach that’s compelling and coherent across identity systems, logos, campaigns, print, online, collateral, presentations, packages, event systems, videos, booths, wedding invitations and wherever else you’re meeting your audiences. I often work on retainer, because my clients know I get to the point, regularly and well.

Good thinking doesn’t happen overnight. I’m at 408.805.5423, when it’s time to start.



Creativity is a fancy word for change. We’ll build yours one piece at a time. (you + me)

First, we aim for where you want to end up. If your agency or marketing department has defined your positioning and goals, we’ll know what we’re after. If you’re not there yet, I know some expert strategic writers that can put purpose in our practice. (I know some other useful folks, too, and I’m happy to share. We’re all smarter together.)

Next, we’ll get to failing. Concept-driven exploration of possible expressions of your vision gives us room to try on a variety of concrete options and consider what works best. We’ll discuss, narrow, decide and pursue.

Finally, we’ll fine tune, test and produce the solution we’ve selected. When you measure the results, you’ll see the difference deep collaboration can deliver. If you are ready, let's begin.


It looks easy, right? That’s what comes of careful planning, tenacious expedition and close consideration. No way up but through.

When it’s your turn, find me at 408.805.5423.

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